Writing Coach

Maybe you have the seed of an idea for a children’s book but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you’ve been writing for years and aren’t sure whether your manuscripts are ready to submit to a publisher. Or maybe you want to self-publish a children’s book for your own children or grandchildren. Whatever the case, I can help.

I’m a children’s book author-illustrator, and I’ve published five award-winning books in the last 10 years. I also have experience as a writing workshop instructor and as a personal writing coach. As a coach, I’ll work with you on all aspects of picture book writing—from reading and evaluating your manuscript to helping you take the story to the next level. I also provide guidance with the basics: structure, plot, characterization, dialogue and, perhaps the most important element of all, voice. I can help you strengthen the qualities that make your writing fresh and distinctive. Last, but hardly least, when your final draft is ready, I can help you navigate the world of literary agents and publishing houses.

My goals are to help new and experienced authors improve their manuscripts and fulfill their dream of publishing books for children. I know how hard it can be to complete a book, and how important it is to feel like you’re making progress. So I’m there to provide both feedback and encouragement—to help you stay focused on and positive about the work you’re doing.

I’m always happy to meet in person to discuss a project, but have found that phone sessions work equally well and can be easier to schedule.

For information on fees and scheduling, I can be reached at: