Even an Octopus Needs a HomeEven an Octopus Needs a Home

A mother polar bear and her cubs snuggle up inside a snowdrift…twenty million bats hang out together in a single cave…a clever spider finds shelter in an underwater bubble. No matter where they live, animals find a way to make homes that are just right for them and their families. Dive into this book and discover how all kinds of different animals stay safe and snug.

Publication date: Fall 2011

Winner - International Reading Association (IRA), Teacher's Choice Award, K–12.

Winner - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Book Award–Gold Seal, K–12.

Winner - Children's Book Council, Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students, K–12.

Winner – National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), Outstanding Science Trade Book, K–12.

Selected for Indiana Science Tradebook Annual Reading (INSTAR), list of outstanding literature for children, K–12.

What the press had to say:

"Using illustrations done in watercolor, gouache, and pen and ink, Kelly introduces various animal homes…The artist's palette skillfully broadens to accommodate each habitat, from the Great Barrier Reef to the brown bear's winter den. The well-labeled paintings are realistic and range from close-ups to a span of ocean floor. The baby bat peeping out from its mother's wing embrace is charming. The informational bits are ideal in length; they're great for fast-fact lovers but will tease out further study in many cases. The important message of environmental stewardship-"all animals…need homes for the same reason: to have a safe and snug place to live and raise a family"-should resonate with children." - School Library Journal

Even an Octopus Needs a Home explores the theme of every living thing needing a safe place to live by categorizing the types of habitats created by animals…Each section tells what materials are used and how the animal builds the home. Several "wow" facts are included which makes for fun nonfiction…Each animal feature is accompanied by bright watercolor illustrations and fascinating information that will energize young nonfiction fans. This is the perfect book if you teach a unit on animal homes. I could see kindergarten and first grade students creating booklets of animal homes based on this book. Whole classes or small groups could create Venn diagrams that contrast different homes within a category or across categories. I might have an "Animal Home of the Day" and feature a different animal perhaps accompanied by other photographs and/or United Streaming video if that is available to you. There are several possible uses to Even an Octopus Needs a Home, so find a copy for your animal units in science. -

Building on her successful Even an Ostrich Needs a Nest (2009), Kelly expands the concept to describe how others in the animal world make and find safe places for rest, safety and rearing their young. From chimpanzees building temporary sleeping platforms each night to male Siamese fighting fish hiding eggs in a mass of bubbles, the author-illustrator offers a wide variety of examples. These are loosely organized by type: A tree house, tower, lodge, cave, burrow or bubble can serve as a temporary or permanent home. It might even be floating or mobile. Illustrations done in watercolor, gouache, pen and ink surround an informal narrative set in wavy lines on each page…- Kirkus Reviews

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